Management by Consciousness


Management and leadership are mostly viewed in terms of external control and governance. However, the external world we create in official spaces is the expression of our inner consciousness. There cannot be effective external governance without inner governance. A leader or manager becomes truly effective when he learns to govern himself, discover his inner potentialities and apply them consciously to outer governance.
Management by Consciousness by G.P. Gupta and M.S. Srinivasan presents a new paradigm of management based on the principle consciousness governing or managing from within directed outwards, and is based on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s spiritual vision of life.

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There is no matter, animate or inanimate, that does not respond to attention. …….. all of them will respond to increased attention by serving better. The result is most pronounced were the attention given is motivated simply by respect and concern for the things and without demand or expectation.
Unfree people, like immature children, are difficult to manage; but free and responsible people are easy to manage. All management involves commanding and obeying. But in a democracy, all commanding should avoid injuring the self-respect of the one commanded, and all obeying should be on the basis of one’s freedom and self-respect, and never degrade into cringing.

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Edited by Dr.G.P. Gupta / M.S. Srinivasan

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First Edition – 2014 / Second Impression – 2014

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