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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Auropublications?

Auropublications is a publisher based in Pondicherry We specialize in high-quality books (needs additional inputs).

Where can I buy books?

We distribute on online platforms such as Auropublication, Aura & Amazon. Our physical POD books are also for sale on sites such as Auropublication, Aura & Amazon, but also can be ordered and purchased by readers through Aura store & SABDA.

May I download and print out the free ebooks?

You may print it out for your personal or private use but you may not further reproduce or re-sell this.

Does Auropublications sell directly to consumers?

No. Auropublications does not sell directly to consumers, we sell them through our outlets and online services.

I placed an order a while ago and still haven’t received it.

All orders are processed within 24-72 hours of receipt. The order confirmation shall be e-mailed to you upon purchase. Additionally tracking information shall be sent to you through our distribution partner “Aura Store” furthermore you can email them at: (insert email ID & Contact information).

How can I contact Auropublications?

Find our contact details here.

How can I request a catalog?

Please see our catalog page

Do you publish e-books?

We do! Please see contact us for details

How can I submit a book manuscript for consideration?

Please send us the details at [email protected] and we shall get back to you.

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