Rajarshi Leadership


The one unambiguous and unanimous lesson from Bharatvarsha’s (i.e., India’s) tryst with spirituality is: first to discover the Divine within, and then to manifest It without. And, consequently, to be Blissful to oneself and to others. This common mandate is woven into all the roles and functions humanity and society should perform – in principle. This is the core of the ‘clean leadership’ concept this book espouses. By common consent, murky leadership (‘dealership’ in effect) now holds the stage the world over. The ‘rajarshi’ model embodies such ‘cleanliness’ to the highest degree.

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The Spiritual, the Pure Consciousness, the Divine model of man. This model/vision is as intrinsic to and inalienable from every citizen, as it is from any ‘rajarshi’ leader in society. ……….., its misconceived exclusion from serious consideration constitutes a denial of the very core of humanness, as distinct from other living species.
Simple living nourishes deep living and deep living ensures ethical working. This is a basic message enshrined in all wisdom literature. The modern zeitgeist has, however, been functioning in the opposite direction: complex living leading to shallow living, and shallow living inducing unethical working.
The secret behind ancient India’s richness and minimal poverty was this ideal of sacred trusteeship. Self-centred pursuit of wealth will invite inequity of wealth distribution which is immoral. Only the spirit of trusteeship lends moral sanction to wealth generation.

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S.K. Chakraborty / Debangshu Chakraborty

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First Edition – 2013

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