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Knowledge, skill and values are the foundations of excellence in professional work. But these factors of excellence have an inner and outer dimension. Most of the discussions on this subject focus on developing or cultivating the outer skill, knowledge or behaviour. But a more effective approach would be to awaken the corresponding inner faculties of consciousness. This book by M.S. Srinivasan presents a practical blueprint for developing these inner dimensions of excellence.

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There are two dimensions to excellence: Values and Skills. Skill without values is not human but a brute machine. In a human organism, there can’t be any excellence without values. But what are values? The concept of values can be viewed from many angles. For the professional who has to deliver results, values should not be defined in a too narrow moralistic framework. The concept of values for a modern professional must include the pragmatic needs of professional work. But values remain abstract and ineffective without skill. But what is Skill? In a broader perspective skill is the ability to deliver results by converting an idea into effective action and tangible achievement.
And finally neither values nor skills are entirely external or behavioural. They are in essence an expression of consciousness and rooted in consciousness. For achieving true excellence in professional work we have to understand and harness this deeper dimension behind values and skill.
The inner source of all knowledge is consciousness, which has many ways of ‘knowing’, or in other words, it has many types of ‘intelligences’. It is now recognised that ‘intelligence’ is much more than mere IQ. There are many ‘intelligences’ in our consciousness and that which is measured by IQ is only one of them. …..

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M.S. Srinivasan

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First Edition – 2015

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