Beyond – The Uncharted Landscape


The authors hope this easy reading book will help young people entering the corporate world to make the transition from the confines of the academic world to the real world outside and find their way to true success in their career and life.

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You can’t beat the clock. You can’t cheat it either. God has given you the same 168 hours in a week as he has given your classmates, your parents or your teacher. What you do with those hours and how you spend them will make all the difference between a good student and an outstanding one.
This is all about attitudes. ………. The way we leave a mark at our workplace or our educational institution. What kind of marks do we leave? Hopefully not boot marks or dirty finger prints.
They say money lost can be recovered. Some people even venture to say that lost health can be got back, though of course at great cost! But lost time is like sand that slipped out of your grasp. You can’t get it back. Your time is your primary asset.

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Achal Rangaswamy & M.S. Srinivasan

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First Edition – 2012

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