Light of Lights – An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry

Light of Lights

An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry

Free audiobook from AuroPublications, Pondicherry

Sri Aurobindo himself had once declared that he had been first and foremost a poet, that the poet was the earliest side of his personality – the primal aspect.

August is a special month and on Poet’s Day (21 August 2023), it’s our great delight to bring you AuroPublications free audiobook, Light of lights – An anthology of Spiritual Poetry (ed. Vijay).

During the 1930s until around November 1938, Sri Aurobindo ran what academically may be called the Department of Poetry in the Ashram in Pondicherry. In it young and keen disciple–poets took lessons in poetry under him. They used to send their poetry compositions to Sri Aurobindo and he would make detailed comments and suggestions – the turn of the phrase, the rhythm, the style, the image, the thought, and lines which had qualities, including their sources of inspiration and new possibilities of expression. 

Included in this audiobook (which can be downloaded for free) are some of Sri Aurobindo’s poems as well as many of the Ashram poets.

Light of Lights Anthology audiobook team: Gayatri Majumdar, Shruti Ramteke, Ramajayam Ramachandiran, Kavita Dutta & Surendhar S

Recitations by: Gautam Mitra, Anurupa Naik, Puru Kothari, Hardie Mohanty, Pavitra Roy, Rathirekha Paranthaman, Ramyak, Praketa, Gayatri Majumdar and others

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Auropublications is the publishing division of the Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry.

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  1. What an astonishing and truly remarkable compilation of SA’s and the Ashram’s exceptional poets! The recitations were simply exquisite. My deepest gratitude to the team that made such a silent yet powerful effort.

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