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Yoga and Education


This book is a part of the Integral Education Series and provides a new approach to education based on a spiritual vision. It contains articles by various authors and from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

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And as the mental life uses and perfects the material, so will the spiritual use and perfect the material and the mental existence as the instruments of a divine self-expression.
The man who influences, who throws his magic, as it were, upon his fellow-beings, is a dynamo of power, and when that man is ready, he can do anything and everything he likes; that personality put upon anything will make it work.
No doubt education is a great regenerative agent, but it must be an education that can educate what is high and noble, pure and luminous, infinite and immortal in man. It must be an education that can educate and reveal the Divine in man.
The real education lies not in collecting information but in developing the power of concentration and the ability to think rationally, act purposefully and deal effectively with the environment in which the individual has to live.
It is never by external compulsion that a child acquires interest, the key to all learning, but by finding within himself a security, a sanction, an authority from his own nature and the law of his own being.

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Compiled and Edited by Prof. Norman C. Dowsett, Prof. Sita Ram Jayaswal, M.S. Srinivasan & Vijay

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First Edition – 1974 / Second Revised Edition – 1997 / Reprinted 2005

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