Complied from the writings of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

How to bring up a Child


Deals with some fundamental and practical questions on the crucial yet obscure field of child education. With a large number of photographs, this book is enjoyable to read and useful for parents, teachers and educationists.

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A child is a precious gift – to learn from, to teach, to nurture, to cherish, to love, to encourage. Everything we do for a child, we do for ourselves, for the future of humanity. And thus it is no surprise that raising a child is one of the most important tasks given to us.

How to Bring up a Child provides practical guidance to all of us who have been entrusted with this wonderful opportunity, allowing us to understand and harness the true potential that lies within the bud ready to bloom.

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Edited by Vijay

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First Edition – 1980 / 18th impression 2018

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