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Veda of the Body


Written by Dr Alok Pandey, the book deals with the higher and deeper possibilities the human body is capable of, how it can give much more than we can envisage and perform astonishing feats that baffle the mind of ordinary man, if we live life with a higher consciousness.

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Indeed the human body is a field for a complex play of forces— forces material and physical, forces psychological and subtle, forces spiritual and uplifting, even forces dark and dangerous. Depending upon the nature of the force we are attuned to, we feel or rather experience, in the very stuff of our bodies, a state of health or a state of illness; ….
We are all (the entire creation, in fact) tied in a knot of oneness for good or for worse. The positive side of this knot of oneness is that a progress in any one element anywhere leads to a corresponding progress in all similar elements across the globe. That indeed is one key towards freeing the earth of the scourge of illness.
It [disease] is a call for the inner healer to step forward, remove the weeds and thorns in our nature and clear the soil of matter and the atmosphere of our mind, so that the tree of life can bear the fruit of health and its flowers spread the fragrance of love upon earth.
This is perhaps one of the greatest boons that man has ever received—the boon of getting in touch with his soul, his inmost being, the inner healer and the unerring guide. Any talk of wholeness, integration, even physical health without including this soul principle is a mere waste and an exercise of digging a well in a desert and filling it with water from outside while the secret springs of water below remain untapped.

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Dr. Alok Pandey

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First Edition – 2014

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