Integral Education Series

The True Teacher


This book is a part of the Integral Education Series and provides a new approach to education based on a spiritual vision. It contains articles by various authors and from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

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He (the teacher) will seek to awaken much more than to instruct; he will aim at the growth of the faculties and the experiences by a natural process and free expansion.
Books and programmes are of secondary importance, they are only a scaffolding, the building within is made of a different kind of bricks. A happy luminous consciousness within is the teacher’s asset, with that he achieves all, without it he fails always.
The moment one becomes a teacher, it is not that he has arrived. It is a fresh start, he opens a new page. He has much to learn. He is in a more advantageous position because he has opportunities to learn which other professional people do not have.
Twice blessed are those who have felt the call to be a teacher, for in its noblest dimensions this creative service reaches out to all humankind as an energy of evolution which bears fruit in worlds yet unborn.
True education feeds the soul, until it is well enough developed to come forward. The whole nature must be built around the awakened centre, built anew, with nothing, physical or vital,, mental or moral, sensational, emotional or aesthetic, neglected or forgotten.
Sri Aurobindo defines the teacher: “The teacher is not an instructor or task-master, he is a helper and a guide. His business is to suggest and not to impose. …..”

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Compiled and Edited by Prof. Norman C. Dowsett, Prof. Sita Ram Jayaswal, M.S. Srinivasan & Vijay

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First Edition – 1974 / Second Revised Edition – 1996 / 4th impression 2017

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