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The Gita for the Youth


Excerpts from Sri Aurobindo’s Essays on the Gita, specially compiled for the youth to inspire and guide them towards a deeper understanding of life in the light of the Bhagavad Gita.

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°Here (in the Gita) is contained the sum of all the knowledge of self and the world that is still needed if the soul is to throw off its natural ignorance and staying its steps on the right use of knowledge, of life, of works and of its own relations with the Divine in these things, ascend into unity of being with the eternal Spirit of existence.
°That equality, impersonality, peace, joy, freedom do not depend on so outward a thing as doing or not doing works. The Gita insists repeatedly on the difference between the inward and the outward renunciation, tyaga and sannyasa.
°The Gita lays stress upon the struggle of which the world is the theatre, in its two aspects, the inner struggle and the outer battle. In the inner struggle the enemies are within, in the individual, and the slaying of desire, ignorance, egoism is the victory.
°For the Gita itself here says that it is only at the end of many existences that one can, after possession of the integral knowledge and after working that out in oneself through many lives, attain at the long last to the Transcedent.
°This absolute self-giving, this one-minded surrender is the devotion which the Gita makes the crown of its synthesis.. . . Whatever thou doest, whatever thou enjoyest, whatever thou sacrificest, whatever thou givest, whatever energy of Tapasya, of the soul’s will or effort thou puttest forth, make it an offering unto Me.”

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Compiled from the writings of Sri Aurobindo

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First Edition – 1989 / 9th Impression – 2017

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