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Sri Aurobindo’s rendering into English of Bhartrihari’s Nitishatakam along with the original verses in Sanskrit and an introduction on the life and works of Bhartrihari. This poetical translation will also help those not familiar with Sanskrit to enter into the spirit of one of its great masterpieces.

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This is Sri Aurobindo’s translation of the Nitisataka of Bhartrihari, along with the original text. It was translated somewhere around 1900 when Sri Aurobindo was staying at Baroda.

It is an elevating and enriching experience to read a great work, as well known as Nitisataka, in the original Sanskrit with its typical epigrammatic style and to see the form it takes, when expressed in the English language, in the masterful hands of Sri Aurobindo. We feel such works will play an increasingly important role as the world moves towards a greater unity with a greater mingling and fusion of cultures.

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Edited by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra

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First Edition – Feb 1998 / Second Edition – Mar 2005

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