Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

S.A. & The Mother – A Brief Introduction (2015)


A very brief and interesting presentation of the life of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

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Yoga used in a world of action, for action, not for renouncing but for transforming our lives. This is what makes Sri Aurobindo stand apart in his spiritual outlook and attainment. ‘Man is a transitional being, not final,’ said he. And the time has now come to take the next decisive step in our evolutionary journey, of giving birth to a new humanity.

It was the Mother, who along with Sri Aurobindo, in a small coastal town of Southern India, planted the seeds of this new possibility, and began giving a concrete form to this vision. This book tells the story of these two pioneers – their birth and growth, their struggles and triumphs, their coming together and their extraordinary journey of a World-transforming Yoga… In a way, it is the story of us all, the story of our Planet – a story that is still unfolding!

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Compiled by Vijay

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First Edition – 1987 / 8th Edition – 2015

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