Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Whispers of Nature (2013)


The book looks at Nature with a deeper holistic vision and provides a new perspective to the problem of environmental education, and helps to understand and love the infinite moods and expressions of Nature.

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Have you noticed how the pebbles on the road are polished and pure after the rain? And the flowers? No words can describe them. One can only murmur an ‘Ah!’ of things.

This book is an attempt to find the ‘Ah!’ of Nature, to develop a deeper insight and love for nature, to see the deep truth contained in these simple words:

“If thou woudst attain to thy highest, go look upon a flower; what it does will-lessly, that do thou willingly.”

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Edited by Vijay

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First Edition – 1981 / 5th Impression – 2013

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