Integral Health


This book is essentially a consciousness approach to health, based on the vision of
Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It lucidly brings out the correspondence between the different planes of consciousness and their relation to health and illness.

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Dr Soumitra Basu elaborates on the conscious approach to health and healing that a physician of today needs to make decisions on factors that may go beyond his prescribing limits in order to give the best to his patient.

….. Swastha (the Ayurvedic term for health meaning freedom from illness or a positive state of well-being) ……… denotes a state of being rooted in one’s self. And ‘self’ implies the consciousness of the soul-principle operating on various outer planes: physical, vital and mental and also in communion with the cosmic consciousness.
There has been a growing interest all over the world in avoiding unnecessary use of strong medicines which drain the energies and use therapies like homoeopathy, acupuncture, flower remedies, reiki etc. which are believed to exert their beneficial actions by enhancing the life-force.
The quintessence of Integral Health lies in a change f consciousness from the outer physical, vital and mental fixations to this deeper psychic consciousness. The psychic consciousness is free from psychological disturbances and helps to build up an integrated personality. It is also free from the subsconscient and egocentric disturbances and immune from attacks by adverse forces.

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Dr. Soumitra Basu

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First Edition – August 2000 / Revised Edition – June 2011

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