The Writings of Sri Aurobindo

Baji Prabhou (Eng)(1999) to (2024)


An inspiring poem on the heroic self- sacrifice of a Maratha warrior, with many beautiful illustrations. It is full of a deep spiritual fervour portraying the leaders as instruments of a divine power, Bhavani, the Goddess who presides over the destiny of India.

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Baji Prabhou was written by Sri Aurobindo of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry in 1909–1910. This soft cover book of 28 pages which is in a poem form tells the dramatic tale of the heroic self-sacrifice of the Maratha warrior Baji Prabhou Deshpande.
Sri Aurobindo, who was a leader of the Nationalist Party when he wrote the poem, infuses it with an intense love for his motherland and portrays its leading figures as instruments of Bhavani, the goddess who presides over the destiny of India. This is an illustrated edition of the poem.
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The Writings of Sri Aurobindo

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First Edition – 15th August 1999

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