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India is One

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A study of the deep-rooted unity of India as it manifests at various levels – geographical, cultural, political, religious and spiritual. Contains many photographs and illustrations.

ISBN 81-7060-033-2

96 pp. Size - 24 x 18 cm


India - One and Indivisible

This book is an expression of this belief, of this certitude in the destiny of a united India. It is an attempt to see, to feel and to experience the deep unity in the rich diversity that is India.

A nation, like an individual, has several aspects: an outer body, a life, a mind, and deep within, the psychic being or the soul. Only when we know it in all these aspects can we know a nation fully and integrally. Therefore this book seeks to find the unity of India at all the levels - the geographical, the cultural, the religious, the political and the spiritual - to find it through the mountains, the seas and the rivers of India; its peoples and customs, their hopes and aspirations, their feelings and their thoughts; the myths and legends of India, its literature, its philosophy, its festivals, its arts; its religions, its pilgrim-centres, its devotees, its kingdoms, its rulers and administrators, even its map, its national anthem and its national flag - all of them expressions of India's deepest soul, the divine shakti that is Mother India. It tries to understand the very special nature of Indian unity, the power which has sustained it in the past, the direction it must take in the future and its implications for India and the world.

But these are, however, things of the depths and they are hidden from our eyes that see only the outer forms and our mind that can explore only the surfaces of things. Therefore we exclaim, "Where, where is the unity of India?" A similar question was once asked of Majnu: "Where, where do you find any beauty in the dark Laila?" Majnu replied, "If you want to see the beauty of Laila, look through the eyes of Majnu." Indeed, if we want to see the unity of India we must first love India.

This book is neither for the sceptic nor for the scholar. It does not give a reasoned and developed argument to present the historical foundation of the unity of India. It is rather an attempt to see through the eyes of those who have loved India, each in his own way, but deeply and intensely - the historians, the poets, the patriots, the prophets and the Rishis.

We can only hope that this book will help us, the people of India, to catch a true glimpse of our Mother, to love her, to understand her and to awaken to her great mission.

In a book of this nature, which is a compilation from several authors, there is bound to be a great variety in vision, style and presentation. It might be that some points are repeated, others are not fully developed, while some are left out altogether. The excerpts, taken from larger writings, might not always stand as independent wholes. Even the periods of the writings stretch over such a vast span of time that some things may appear a bit outdated or not as valid in the present circumstances, as when they were first written. But, on the whole, we believe that they draw their inspiration from the deeper truths of the spirit and are therefore eternally true.

If this book can help us to have this deeper vision and conviction about the unity of India, if it can inspire us to play our part in the future, it would have served its purpose. 

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