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Education and the Growing Child

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This book is a part of the Integral Education Series and provides a new approach to education based on a spiritual vision. It contains articles by various authors and from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

ISBN 978-81-7060-101-2
82 pp. Size - 12 x 18 cm


What is the single most important factor in the transformation of the individual and the society?

Without doubt, it is Education. But as yet, it has still not been explored to its full and utmost potential, resulting only in a fractured image and perception of what it means. To go beyond the obligatory demands from education, that is, the procurement of a job or respectable standing in society, we need to take a more integral approach.

Our series on Integral Education aspired towards this end and brings across different facets of education, all leading eventually to the desired transformation and fulfilment of the true ideal.

INTEGRAL EDUCATION SERIES (presenting the views of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Swami Vivekananda, Pavitra, Nolini Kanta Gupta, M.P. Pandit, Medhananda, S. Radhakrishnan, Navajata, Rishabchand, Robert Bainbridge, Maria Montessori, Alfred Adler, Kireet Joshi, Sanat K. Banerji, Yvonne Artaud, Sita Ram Jayaswal, Indra Sen, Friedrich Froebel, Jesse Roarke and Norman C. Dowsett.)

A New Approach to Education
Education and the Growing Child
The True Teacher
Dimensions of Spiritual Education
Education of the Future
Yoga and Education

Excerpts from Education and the Growing Child:

  • The discovery that education must be a bringing out of the child’s own intellectual and moral capacities to their highest possible value and must be based on the psychology of the child-nature was a step forward towards a more healthy because a more subjective system; …..
  • When one has very small children, it is marvellous. There, there are so few things to do: it is sufficient to be. Never to deceive oneself. Never to be angry. Always to be understanding.
  • No one could have foreseen then that the child held within himself a secret of life, able to lift the veil from the mysteries of the human soul; that he represented an unknown quantity, the discovery of which might enable the adult to solve his individual and social problems.
  • As educationists seeking perfection, it is incumbent upon us to see that the human being of the future shall look back with a sense of gratitude and joy on his school life; where learning was first a play, a delight of activity leading to endless vistas of wonder, discovery and creativity; where time went swiftly on the wings of an immense enthusiasm, a love for life.
  • According to the Mother,  “….. It is of prime importance that the child’s education of the vital should begin as early as possible, indeed, as soon as he is able to use his sense organs. In that way, many bad habits would be avoided and harmful influences eliminated.”

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