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Integral Health

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  1. When the Soul Heals - Explorations in Spiritual Psychology

    When the Soul Heals - Explorations in Spiritual Psychology

    This self-help book amalgamates thoughts in contemporary psychology with simple spiritual wisdom helping you understand and heal common psychological problems by tapping your own spiritual force. It gives you step-by-step strategies, guided meditations, contemplation exercises and real-life inspirational case studies to overcome: Learn More
  2. THE FLAME WITHIN - (Using the body and its consciousness for inner evolution)

    THE FLAME WITHIN - (Using the body and its consciousness for inner evolution)

    The book explores this process using short notes, subtle images and quotes from Sri Aurobindo's epic poem, Sivitri - A Legend and a symbol. Learn More
  3. Veda of the Body

    Veda of the Body

    Written by Dr Alok Pandey, the book deals with the higher and deeper possibilities the human body is capable of, how it can give much more than we can envisage and perform astonishing feats that baffle the mind of ordinary man, if we live life with a higher consciousness. ISBN 978-81-7060-338-2 387 pp. Size - 23 x 15 cm Learn More
  4. the body speaks

    The Body Speaks - Healing through Knowledge by Dr. Vandana Gupta

    Healing through Knowledge is a dialogue on an innovative approach to self-healing, using the inner senses of feeling, listening and observing the body. It is a basic, uncomplicated process described through the experience of some of the people the author worked with. ISBN: 978-81-7060-284-2 84 pp. Size - 8 x 5.5 in Learn More
  5. patient at the crossroads

    Patient at the Crossroads

    There are plenty of books on the Science and Art of Health & Healing. Each brings its own viewpoint, often focusing on its merits while concealing the demerits of a particular system. An average reader is left stranded upon the crossroads of life and death wondering which way to go. The line between help and harm is often thin when it comes to the choice between various modalities available for treatment, each proclaiming its own as the best, if not the only one. Our temples of learning, ‘the Medical Colleges’, have turned into scientific bazaars where health is traded-off like a commodity. But in all this what is lost is the patient’s own ability to heal himself. ISBN 978-81-7060-339-9 243 pp. Size - 23 x 15 cm Learn More
  6. Death, Dying and Beyond

    Death, Dying and Beyond

    The one thing that is at once the most predictable and unpredictable about life is death. This book is an attempt to find answers to the core issues related to death, not just theoretically but practically, supported by anecdotes and experiences arising from the author’s brush with death. Co-publisher: Wisdom Tree ISBN 978-81-8328-144-7 360 pp. Size -14 x 22 cm Learn More
  7. Integral Health

    Integral Health

    This book is essentially a consciousness approach to health, based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It lucidly brings out the correspondence between the different planes of consciousness and their relation to health and illness. ISBN 978-81-7060-311-5 182 pp. Size - 12 x 18 cm Learn More

7 Item(s)

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