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Bhavani Bharati

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‘Bhavani Bharati’ is a poem written by Sri Aurobindo in Sanskrit somewhere between 1904 and 1908. It begins with the description of the time when India was under British rule, and how the deeper power that stands behind the nation, Bhavani Bharati, re-kindles in the children of India the spirit of a free nationhood.
Bhavani Bharati is a prayer, an invocation to the Shakti.

(The original Sanskrit text in 99 verses is here accompanied by transliteration and translations into both English and Hindi)

ISBN 978-81-7060-356-6
118 pp. Size - 12 x 18 cm


The Goddess Supreme; the Mother, Immutable; Ancient, Splendorous, Powerful, Terrific, Terrifying; She, who protects and destroys, is Bhavani Bharati. And captured in verse, in essence, in formless form, is a poem written by Sri Aurobindo. Written between 1904-1908, this is his only poem in Sanskrit, also translated in Hindi by Muralidhar Chandniwala. It has 99 verses in the Upajati metre. Confiscated by the Calcutta Police, this piece was rediscovered in 1985.

Bhavani Bharati is a prayer which reverberates beneath this soil, forever invoking the Shakti, the Mother of the nation, the nation itself.This edition contains the original in Sanskrit along with Sanskrit and Hindi translations.


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