Indian Culture

Of Past Dawn and Future Noons


Ancient Indian civilisation is not something over and done with, relegated to the past – it continues to live, sustaining its spirit, waiting to be rediscovered and given newer forms. This book tries to establish a link between every subject and the method by which the ancients approached them – individual and yet, part of a whole.
Historical and yet not burdened with facts and figures, the book is lyrical in style and profusely illustrated, lending a deep perspective to the ancient world and looking for lessons to make a glorious future.

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“In what field indeed has not India attempted, achieved, created, and in all on a large scale and yet with much attention to completeness of detail?” – Sri Aurobindo Endless creativity bursting through every pore of carved rock or painted canvas. Extreme movement meeting calm stillness through the dynamics of dance. Songs of the heart and spirit soaring towards heaven or plunging into the womb of the earth. Valour, foresight and humility reaching across mapped contours to thread inch by inch a whole nation of people. The muse unstoppable as it knit yarn after yarn, to be sung or read or taught or dramatized. Copious amount of intellectual reasoning, deductions, assimilations. Lessons learnt from every act or thought, and in turn spread, like a ravenous fire – from parent to child or mentor to disciple. All were students of this great game called Life. Looking, hunting, searching with varying degrees of intensity, the answers to unimaginable questions ¾ knowledge for the sake of Knowledge. Studying everything that remained a mystery – from stars and scars to grain and god. They saw no difference, all demanded attention, all received it. Not a cursory glance but meticulous pondering and logical conclusions. Everything deserved an explanation. Specially the enigma of Existence. In what field indeed . . .?

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Shonar Joshi

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Third Edition – 2014

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