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Pre-Natal Education

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A collection of articles that explore this important but oft-misunderstood topic, bringing out fresh insights and clarifications regarding the true purpose of marriage and child birth.

ISBN 978-81-7060-099-2
50 pp. Size - 14 x 22 cm


It is very necessary for boys and girls to know beforehand the objective of their marriage. Why, after all, are they getting married? What is the purpose of it? We are rational human beings and must know the purpose of marriage. Children should get this education from parents at home and from teachers at school so that their life after marriage may be harmonious, healthy, happy, useful and purposeful.

Marriage, as commonly known, is the union of man and woman for their self-fulfilment, for procreation, for continua­tion of the race. But what the couple is usually unaware of is their great responsibility in this process, which is to bring on earth a noble, higher being who will help in changing the earth's present conditions, do good to mankind, and take it further in its progress towards perfection of the species, and not just produce another aimless being. "For to bring chil­dren into the world as rabbits do their young - instinctively, machine-like, that certainly cannot be called maternity! True maternity begins with the conscious creation of a being"... explains the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Earth aspires for a new race of human beings who will usher an era of harmony, peace, progress and prosperity for all its children. The process of evolution presses for such a change and asks for man's collaboration. If he refuses to change, he will be forced to do so by the force of crashing circumstances. In his collaboration lies his salvation and a beautiful future of which he too dreams in his enlightened, sacred moments.

This book is a humble attempt to bring clarity to the young minds on the true purpose of marriage and child-birth.

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